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x100 Cards Random (100 different Steam games)

Нет в наличии :(

100 different random Steam games with trading cards. All games are region free. All games add +1 to game collector count. More information: http://steamground.com/en/wholesale. Paypal: Choose any payment method on the site. Paypal will be available on our payment service provider further.

NB! Games are the same across these bundles and are the same as in x40 Cards Random.

Refunds and replacements are not made. If you already own some of the games or don't like them you can gift them or make a giveaway. If there is a complaint please use our contact information to tell us your concerns.

100 разных случайных игр Steam с коллекционными карточками. Все игры без региональных ограничений. Все игры отображаются в Steam счетчике. Подробнее: http://steamground.com/wholesale.

Внимание! Игры повторяются в этих бандлах и те же самые, что в x40 Cards Random.