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Region Free games and random bundles
x50 Random
2.5 USD
50 Random Steam games (Paypal is available)
x100 Random
4.9 USD
$19+ Random
1 Steam game with $19+ price (PayPal is available)
Make your own bundle! (Paypal is not available) * You can track all the changes in this section in our News.* You can check the games you own using this script.

Click thumbnails to add games to cart. All games are Region Free. If you want to buy some games with Paypal or in bulk please send your games list at support@steamground.com

1. Сlick "Buy in bulk" tab and add needed games to cart.

How to use a cart:

  • You can see a cart in the upper left corner on the universal payment gateway Oplata.info.
  • cart1
  • Click the cart, enter the needed quantity for every game (*you can add 50 products maximum at once) and press the "Refresh" button(right under the form)
  • cart2
  • Click the "Proceed" button, choose the payment method (PayPal is available for Wholesale Order only) and enter your e-mail.
  • You will be able to access your purchased products in the My Purchases section at any time.

Thanks for reading the instruction.

If you need to buy more than 1000 keys, please, use Wholesale Order.

The payment is 100% safe and secure.

Bulk discount is eligible for wholesale buyers only. The discount is accumulative.

  • 1000 keys - 5 %
  • 3000 keys - 7 %
  • 10000 keys - 10 %

Please, apply for more information via online form (it is sticked to the right side of the page) or email.

Thank you for choosing us!