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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 14 days GLOBAL

Нет в наличии :(

Instant Delivery to your e-mail!

PayPal: choose any payment method on the Site. PayPal will be available on our payment gateway further.

Right after payment you get a licensed Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 14 days code for Xbox One.

This Membership includes:

- Xbox Live Gold for 14 days,

- Xbox Game Pass for 14 days,

- Xbox Game Pass for 14 days for PC (Win 10).

The code is region free. The code can be used both for new and existing accounts. Your previous Xbox Memberships (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold) must expire before you can successfully activate the code. It can't be stacked or used on top of current membership(s).

1) Log in your Microsoft account.
2) Press a silver-green start button of the XBOX Guide on the gamepad.
3) Click the "Games" tab.
4) Choose "Activate Code" and enter the code.

Refund for digital items is not made. Feel free to contact us if you've got any questions.