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Giveaway №95 (for VK users only)

Epistory - Typing Chronicles

At the moment only VK users are able to take part in our weekly giveaways. All games are RU/CIS. Sorry for any inconveniencies caused. To participate in every weekly giveaway you need to be our customer. It means:

  • 1. Your total purchase sum in our store must be at least 1$.
  • 2. Please, send us your bill number and your e-mail to prove you are our customer (via Online Chat or Skype).
Chances to win for real people get much higher due to this system.


  • To join the giveaway you need to:
    • 1. Join our VK group;
    • 2. Share this page with your friends by pressing the "Share in VK" button;
    • 3. Post a comment on this page (please, choose the Russian language to see the VK comment widget at the bottom)
  • The winners are contacted during a day since the giveaway's end.


  • The giveaways are held twice a week (sometimes once a week).
  • The first one starts on Wednesday and ends on Saturday.
  • The second one starts on Saturday and ends on Wednesday.
  • The winner is chosen using random.org.