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25.09.2021 08:06
Hard Minus Classic Redux
11.09.2021 14:47
04.09.2021 15:19
Pug With Bomb
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x50 Random (50 different Steam games)


Instant delivery to your email. Right after payment you get 50 different random Steam games.

Paypal (RUB): please choose any payment method on the site, it'll be available on our payment gateway further. In case there're problems with PayPal payment please write at support@steamground.com

General description: 1. All games are region free 2. There are no DLCs or free games 3. There're no AA/AAA games (average base Steam price: 0.99$-3.99$) 4. Most of the games don't add +1 to game collector count 5. Keys are subscribed with games' names 6. There can be 'adult only' games

As it's a unique digital item refunds and replacements aren't made. If you already own some of the games or don't like them you can gift them or make a giveaway (on Steamgifts for example). If there's a complaint or suggestion feel free to contact us via support email.

Games are the same across these bundles and are the same as in x100 Random!