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Why we don't accept PayPal on individual games

Why we don't accept PayPal on individual games

For now we are not able to accept PayPal while purchasing individual games and there are reasons for this:

We rent payment service from the payment service provider Digiseller. They and their partners control/add/enhance all the payment methods we've got. For now neither PayPal minimum payment not additional fee are implemented. They're thinking about it but still there are lots of stumbling points.

We've decided to introduce PayPal for our bundles at least. The fee isn't so high in this case and we are able both to offer games at reasonable prices and get something to continue store development. If we sell individual games with PayPal (without minimum fee/payment) we'll get 'minus'.

We understand that it's super inconvenient and quite ineffective but this is the best we can do for now.