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Gone In November

Издатель:Sometimes You
Жанр:Инди, Приключения
Язык: Английский Английский
Активация: Steam
Дата выхода:18.08.2016
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Для одного игрока
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Поддержка геймпада
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Gone In November is a video game which deals with the theme of depression.
Go through the mind and thoughts of a patient who was diagnosed with a deadly disease during his last days of living. A short experience where your choices and your actions don't matter. Texting messages to a social network account that has been inactive for 121 days, have the habit of watering the cacti without any clear reason, fencing your apartment to isolate yourself from the outside world - what else someone can possibly do when they are at their bottom?

ОС Windows XP SP2 32-bit or higher
Процессор Pentium IV 2.0GHz
Оперативная память 3 GB
Видеокарта Intel HD series with 64 MB of memory or higher
DirectX 9
Жесткий диск 300 MB