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Ultimate Russian Zombie Rush0 Ultimate Russian Zombie Rush1 Ultimate Russian Zombie Rush2 Ultimate Russian Zombie Rush3 Ultimate Russian Zombie Rush4

Ultimate Russian Zombie Rush

Publisher:AYE Technology
Genre:Инди, Казуальные, Приключения, Экшены
Language: Английский Английский
Distributor: Steam
Release date:10.02.2017
Out of stock :(

Steam link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/586540/

Russian man must stop the zombie apocalypse. You have to endlessly shoot, blow up, burn stupid zombies, pass 40 different levels and meet the main evil man of the game. As usual. You have some types of guns and some objects on the levels which will help you to complete the game. This is my interpretation of games about zombies. This game is not like the others in zombie topic.

ОС Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista
Процессор -
Оперативная память 512 MB RAM
Видеокарта Compatible with DirectX 9
DirectX 9
Жесткий диск 100 MB